Anelion SW3.5: Small Wind Turbines designed and manufactured in Spain

Reliable small wind turbines entirely designed and manufactured in Spain.
All materials used are European.


No pitch, no furling, no mechanical parts:

Small wind turbine Smart Control System.

Full electronic control system:
Speed and orientation control performed without mobile parts.

> "Maintenance-free" > More reliable > Closed-loop controlled
> Optimized to each customer's need

> MPPT Tracking

Optipump: Hybrid Water Pumping Solutions.

Main features:

Solar and wind renewable water pumping
solutions tailored to each customer's need.

> Diesel substitution

Small Wind Turbines

Silent, efficient and reliable small wind turbines.

A new concept on the small wind turbines has emerged. Intelligent, reliable, safe, silent & maintenance-free residential wind turbines.

  • High durability frame and components.
  • High energy performance.
  • Silent small wind turbines: Ideal as your residential wind turbine solution (both grid-tied and off-grid/isolated/stand-alone small wind turbine models are available).
  • Completely maintenance-free: without braking and orientation movile parts involved in the small wind turbine control and dynamics requiring maintenance (like those that can be found in pitch or furling based small wind turbine control systems).
  • Intelligent electronic “closed-loop” control. Small wind turbine’s dynamics actively monitored and controlled by our electronic controller.
  • Safety: Two redundant emergency braking systems incorporated (electronic and mechanical).

Anelion SW3.5 small wind turbine on video

SW3.5-GT working on field

Anelion Small Wind Turbine Installation video-guide

Make use of Youtube subtitles to choose your preferred instructions language (available: forced Spanish, English and German. Other languages will be available soon)

More pictures and videos of our small wind turbines installations

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